Hy Court Farm

Horsemanship has been a greatly discussed topic for centuries. From Xenophon (400 BC) through modern day masters, countless volumes have been written on how to develop the horse. The motives of these horsemen varied as much as their approaches.
We find rapport with those Horsemen who understood the importance of nurturing the emotional needs of the horse. They spoke to something deeper…the inside of the horse…the need to be secure, respected and guided with empathetic clarity.
Through a blend of influences from Classical Dressage principles and the teachings of great American Horsemen, we find ties to the horsemen who believe in a foundation based on willing cooperation and respect, partnership without dominance and guidance without punishment. These theories lead to the development of the essential components of lightness and true collection and provide a lasting and willing partnership.
By honoring the ideals set forth by these teachers, Hy Court accepts a stewardship to the Horse and the industry with a dedication to promoting the art of classical horsemanship through education, training and breeding.
Horsemen and Women shoulder a huge responsibility to the horse and the industry. To this end, Hazel Clinton and the Hy Court program strive to uphold this stewardship daily through a whole horse approach to care, training, teaching and further education.
There are many elements to the development and practice of fine horsemanship that require commitment, dedication and patience. Hy Court’s mission is to preserve these qualities through education and a clear understanding of solid foundations. 
The foundation of Horsemanship covers many topics ranging from a true acceptance of the nature and needs of the horse, to knowledge of the rich and varied history and traditions of horsemanship. Equally important is an understanding of the equine biomechanics including balance and function of the foot, knowledge of function and application of equipment, and a solid grasp of veterinary and alternative medicine along with stable management
and nutrition.
At Hy Court our programs offer vision, support and guidance by providing an educational path for horse owners, riders and competitors who seek to refine skills which support the horse’s physical and mental well-being.
"The knowledge of the nature of the horse is one of the first foundations of the art of
Riding and every Horseman must make it his principle study."
-- François Robichon de La Guérinière (1688-1751)